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Halo Hooping

Halo Hooping offers handmade, custom hula hoops and private lessons in the community of Omaha, NE. Here at Halo Hooping, we make all our hula hoops from scratch using only quality materials to ensure you durable and functional hoops each and every time. We have trick and exercise hoops that are guaranteed to fit your every need.

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Halo Hooping Offers:

  • Trick Hoops
    "Magic" hoops - great for beginners
    Non - weighted hoops
    Glow - tape hoops ( glows in the dark )
  • Exercise Hoops
    Padded weighted hoops

Call Halo Hooping at 660-853-9271 today for more details on our handmade hula hoops, and for your private bookings.

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Halo Hooping - Omaha, NE
Halo Hooping

Omaha, NE

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